Saturday, September 26, 2009


So it seems the best things happen when you're unprepared for them. The day I left for Toucy I decided to take a stroll through Paris one last time, in particular to visit this church that I could see from the entrance of the hotel but hadn't been into yet. So I grabbed my wallet and headed out. Little did I think to bring my camera. My bad.

I walk into the church and it is massive. Like Mary Poppins's bag turned upside down, there is no way it looked that huge from the outside. Not to mention is was beautiful. There were dozens of little chapels and alcoves off from the main area of the church. As I was walking around admiring the scale on which this 12th century place of worship was built I happened upon a small plaque in french that made this church definitely worth the visit. It was there, at St. Eustache, that the future cardinal Richelieu, the future writer Moliere, and the future Madame de Pompadour were baptized. If that wasn't enough, it hosted the first communion of the future sun king, Louis XIV. Who would have thought this neglected church in a seemingly neglected neighborhood could hold so much history? But then again this is Paris, a city second only to Rome in history.

I was pleasantly surprised at this find albeit disappointed for not having anything to capture the moment with. Just a memory I will have to hold onto until I can return.

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