Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gastronomy and You

Just because I'm bored and want something to write about, I will share all the details of a meal I had earlier today that exemplifies why I am so spoiled here when it comes to good food.

Me and the English team celebrated Marie's birthday today by going to a restaurant called "Le Bourgogne" in Auxerre, and it was beyond delicious. No one had actually been to this restaurant before and if you didn't know it was there already it would have been really hard to find, but after we were seated I noticed a handful of couples came in and asked if there was still room for lunch, which there wasn't. That alone felt like I was a VIP, being in restaurant that was completely reserved (Ok, it wasn't that big of a place, but still).

Now let me just describe for you the food, offering a caveat to those who are hungry because this will not help you... Also let me preface this in order not to constantly repeat myself and tell you that every single thing I ate was perfect. Our first appetizer was a zucchini soup accompanied by a (couple) glass(es) of sparkling wine. Then our second plate was a choice of their six or so specials, of which I chose the sausage from Lyon in a truffle oil and lentil soup. After that I chose a beef fillet with a mushroom muffin and grated golden potatoes that almost tasted like hash browns, but the best hash browns you've ever had. For dessert I picked "La Gourmandise," a half baked chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream (the beans came from Reunion, a French tropical island off the East coast of Madagascar). Finally, I finished everything off with an espresso. Now, no one wants to be a food snob but I can see what those people are getting at. The food is just so good!

Besides having good company, my favorite part of the meal was when the chef came out to our table and asked us all what we thought of our plates. One my friends got smoked salmon which came with a cream sauce, and she asked our chef what exactly was in the sauce since it had such a particular flavor. Rather than just explain, he excused himself, went back to the kitchen, and came out holding a greenish lemon-like object. After explaining what exactly it was (something I didn't quite catch), the chef handed it to my friend and told her to keep it. Then Serena said jokingly she would like some of the recipes and the chef immediately turned to her and said, "Which ones?" He then gave her two recipes, right then and there. It was an awesome experience to have such an excellent meal made by such an unpretentious French man.

That meal was by far one of my favorite French meals ever, but I'm beginning to think I say that every time I have a new French food experience... After the meal I was feeling adventurous and so I went out and bought a French knife, called a "Shepherd's knife," that most French men have and restaurants, like the one I ate in today, set out as utensils when serving steaks, like the one I ordered. I had been wanting one of these little fold-able knives for a while now, so I thought it was about time and using one at lunch decided it for me, I had to have one. The coolest part is that the handle is made from wild boar tusk! I want to say something here about having an object to hold in my hand to make me feel manly but I'm afraid it's just not going to come out right, and I bet you're laughing at me already. Anyway...

I leave for my week in Holland this Friday and I can't wait! I'll have WiFi at the apartment I'm staying at so I'll be sure to update with photos and stories when I can. Until then...

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