Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Day

Hey everyone! Yesterday was by far the best day of the school year. Why, you ask? Because (as I'm sure the title gave away) it was a snow day! I had two out of my four classes canceled and everyone started Christmas vacation one day early, it was great. It was also a huge relief because it wasn't that long ago since I was in school so I know for a fact that every student mentally checks out the week before any break, especially the one involving presents and a jolly guy in red. It's been snowing pretty much nonstop since yesterday morning and the forcast says it will continue to snow at least through Sunday. I'm supposed to go to Fontainebleau (former residence of one Napoleon Bonaparte and wife Josephine) with Marie, one of my fellow English teachers, on Monday but that may be pushed back due to inclement weather.

Until then I have posted some pictures I took recently of the Christmas decorations around town and some of the snow too (under Web Albums, "A Christmas Toucy"). Enjoy.

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