Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know you're in Toucy when...

Inspired by my friends Ian and Leslie's blog, I had to make a list of things characteristically Toucy. These observations are all 100%, unbiasedly true.

You know you're in small town France when...

->You consider buying white jeans to fit in with the guys.

->Your crazy Friday night is hanging out with Francois, a 50 year old homeless man, at the Kebab shop (which closes at 10:30 PM).

->There's no H&M.

->The biggest day of the week is Saturday, when the live farm animals are brought into town for sale.

->A glass of wine is 40 cents less than a coke at the restaurant.

->You run serious danger of being ran over by a tractor crossing the only square in town.

->The picturesque side trail you decide to head down while jogging turns into a run for your life after being chased by a stray donkey.

->Your French friend tells you he will see you at 11:30 am, but you know better than to expect even a call saying he will be late before 2 pm.

->Every villager's attempt to impress you with their English consists of the same three phrases: "'ello," "'ow are you," and "You a sexy bitch."

This week I get to start teaching the opulence of American Christmas, so we'll see how they handle that. More news soon!

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